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I didn't figure out i was little till this last year but I have always been a bit on this childish side. I has to hide my stuffies from my son and nephew or they try to take of with them that is why I don't have my sippy and more my 2 yr old nephew has it but i don't think my mom knows how deep i am a little but she does know i am a little. She has gave me some stuffies.

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Personally, I made it very hard for anyone in my day to day life to find my little Instagram, below are the precautions I took to stay safe & quiet.

1. I logged onto my little account, searched my main Instagram account with all my irl friends/fam, went into my followers & following & blocked every single one of the people I know personally who would recognize my profile pic.
2. I also took the extra precaution to search my mother's account, block all of her friends & extended family.
3. Lastly, I searched for my Caregiver/Boyfriend's personal Instagram account & block all of his/our friends.

I hope this helped in some kind of way, It is a tedious job but I like to play it safe.
I have had a couple of people come to me before I realized people could find me & confronted me about the account, thankfully no one drastically close to me.
If you would like a friend I am available, my Instagram name should be on my account but in case you cant view it you can look me up under Princess.Baby.Cub

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I guess maybe I am. Sometimes I just can´t hide it because it´s kind of a part of my C-PTSD. :sry: My mind goes to "little space" to feel comfort and safety. And I can´t always control it :craze: So I might slip into my little self when I am around people, but I try not to show it. I haven´t really spoken about it to anyone yet. But the people around me usually seem to understand somehow and be supportive. Although not when my little self goes bananas because I see a huge Teddy bear in a store and want to buy it :stuffie: Then people just roll their eyes at me. It´s kind of sad, cause they just think I´m being weird, but Teddy bears REALLY gives me joy! Especially huge, fluffy ones. ::3:

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