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I always hide in my family because one of the only things they said they couldn't understand or imagine is the ddlg relationships of calling a daddy a daddy. They say its gross and I'm kind of sad about it. I still wear knee sockies every now and then but I say it is to keep my feet and legs warm, sometimes it is. I always want more stuffies but cant. :(
When I lived at home and had a car I would keep a backpack with my paci, soft books ect in the trunk of my car. I didnt bother hiding my beae Rupert or the need for a night light and while I got some questions from my mom, especially about the night light, it was never something I was told to stop doing.
With the advent of adult coloring books its super easy to color in public now! And phones with network service coupled with ear buds are great for watching little movies on netflix in semi privacy.
Been hiding my little side and really never let it out for about 16 or so years so i know how you feel hope things get better for you theres a lot of websites to buy stuff just look around and am sure you'll find websites and i hope you can be little soon
I live with a roomate and always make sure I'm alone before i go into little space, I like to include little accessories in my day to day. Like bows in my hair and sucking on suckers. But ordering things online is tricky and I'm always afraid to do that which really sucks because I have a huge wish list!!! Bubble Baths are a great time to be little because you can lock the door and play in the tub! Hope this helps :hugs:
I also have to hide it from my family i know they wouldn’t understand.. I try to go by myself to the store and get things like pacis .. They know i love to draw and color so i can get away with coloring books and things like that.. other stuff i hide in my closet in an old box that i’ve had for awhile .. i know its not much but i hope it helps! *hugs* ❤️
I'm 20 and don't live with my parents anymore but I couldn't imagine them ever understanding. I have roommates now but things are a lot easier to hide than when I was back home. I usually put my little stuff in the bottom drawer of my dresser. Some things you can be subtle with though. I have a lot of rompers, which are pretty popular, and soft animal slippers I always wear at home. A lot of adults are more open about liking video games/anime/cartoons now so having merch won't raise any eyebrows. People might think you're nerdy, by definitely not a little
I have to hide it from my family cuz I live with my family as well. I have bought a pack but I never let any of them see. Tho I did get a collar that I wear around, even to work. I haven't come out to my family because the life style is much different and I was raised Mormon so it's hard to tell you're family such things when their religion considers sex out of marriage a great sin XD
By SplsihySplashy99
Since I am brand new to being a little and role playing a 4 year old and the only person who knows is my boyfriend who participates in the role play with me when we are able to engage in the age play as my Caregiver/Daddy. So no ones knows about my little self other than my boyfriend and I am going to keep it that way. I also don't wear diapers during the day due to my little being fully potty trained during the day time. My little only needs PullUps during bedtime for wetting.
Noone in my personal life knows I'm a little because their general thoughts are guys arnt supposed to be littles. It's frustrating because I hide who i truly am to the ones i care the most about. For the most part though, I can go through my day without thinking about it much at all. It usually only affects me when im home or relaxing
I don't really try hide it, my family knows I love collecting stuffies and watching kids movies and stuff but they don't fully know the extent of it. I feel like no one would truly understand if I told them. Nothing too terribly bad happened to me as a kid.
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