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I live with my family when I'm not at college. I have some collars that I hide in a drawstring bag during the summer. I never stopped being into cute stuff so my parents don't even bat an eye at most stuff. I wanna get a pacifier but if I do get one I will wait, order it online and have it sent to me at college. But I have stuffies, cute cups/eating stuff, gel pens, cat ears, a few cute dresses and other various stuff.
For me there is not much to hide.
I don't have any little things so I don't have to hide them, but I will soon. The problem is that I'm my mom's golden child (her baby) so she watches a lot of the things I do. I cant shop for anything because I cant drive, and she will see what I bought if she takes me. I cant order anything because she tracks my spending and opens up my packages. She gave away all my toys, stuffies, coloring books and just about anything I could use. I'm only getting a chance to buy things in august were I'll be far away for a week. After that I'm going to have to find a hiding spot. I also have to live with her my first year because my college is close so I'm gonna have to hide my little self for a while.
By Janedoeflys
I'm 19 and I have to hide it. I live with my family and I know there would be no way I could tell them. They see me as this young smart writer, they would never understand this. It doesn't exactly bother me though that I have to hide it. It makes me feel better and isn't that what all parents want. Even if they don't know why I am happy they still see that I am happy. Maybe it will bother me at another time but right now I'm fine with my little secret.
I ordered a couple of pacis, some coloring books, and a two sippy cups and it took so much fast talking hide it from my mom. I'm kinda glad I have a way with words, it took a lot to convince my mom I was just "in a cleaning mood" when I cleaned my closet as a place to put my little stuff. I bought my stuff on Amazon because, like you said, specialty places would raise suspicion. It's a pain, people should just respect that everybody's different, even if they don't accept it
I have only I'm the past few months recognized my little side and am very afraid to let anyone know. Aside from my Mommy I've only told one other person that was also a little but we don't speak anymore (her husband/daddy thought I was trying to sleep with her). My roommates would either think I'm a freak (her) or simply just make fun of me (him). It's really scary.

As for little stuff I like my geekfuel/lootcrate stuff as it has a lot of stuff that I love (like my new awesome Spider-Man poster and pencil case for my colored pencils!). Mommy just bought me my first ever stuffy yesterday because it was our favorite colors (purple and orange monkey named Grape short for Baby Grape Ape). He's small enough I could hide him in my back pack that I take everywhere so he's perfect for me.

I seldom buy myself anything little but look all the time which I can do often because I have kids. I just have to be cautious not to get too excited when I see a toy I really really really want.
I live at home with my parents, and I keep my Little self hidden from them. The most they know about me is that I watch My Little Pony, and my mom knows I dabble in cross-dressing, but not anything extreme enough like this. I've bought stuff on my debit card before, and had the packages delivered to my front door. Since we have a communal mailbox, I can get packages discreetly, or by lying. Since they don't get the bills, they usually completely forget about the packages later on.

Most of my Little stuff has been clothes. I've spent a buttload of cash on clothing that I've cascaded into bags hidden in the back of my closet. Usually the hardest parts have been with confrontations though. They might receive the packaging first and ask if I ordered a pillow, and I'd deflect and just say "yes," or "I don't know."

A few times now, I've ordered something, but the fraud department for my debit card would say someone "stole" my card, even if it's for a fairly inexpensive thing like a pacifier. Currently, I have no idea how to fix it other than just fuss at it, and eventually you'll succeed. It is super annoying though, as I've bought numerous things on that card, and yet every time I order something for my Little collection, it either tells me that it's been stolen or it just gets declined.

I'm still working on solving that particular problem when it comes to buying a new pacifier, or AB diapers. I recently learned that pacifiers have expiration dates of about three months each, unfortunately. So my using a pacifier for over two years was very unwise. So I threw it out, but because of my debit card not allowing me to buy a new one, I find it really really hard to fall asleep at night :(
By Princessaddy
I lie with my family as well and I always hide my little self. I told my mom about it and she understands, but I don't think the rest of my family will. I have a lot of stuffies hidden away in my closet that nobody knows about. I want to buy little stuff for myself, but ill just get questioned about it and get a weird look afterwards.
I have always been immature,I didn't even know till recently that this was even a thing, makes me feel better knowing that and gives me more excuse to be annoying, but honestly I don't think people I know would understand how much I like acting like a little, I really think it would worry them, I am little girl so I don't do the babyish stuff, but when I did mention to a friend that I called a guy daddy she told me to stop talking, I think I will carry on being dolly-ish in public but the special talk will have to stay private
I live with my bf and I hide my little self. Ive tried telling him and he didnt understand so i gave up before there was relationship issues lol. I buy stuff on amazon and try to make sure it come in on days im off but my bf is at work, ive always coloured so to him its just normal for me, and i have some stuffies and a blankets which is also normal to him because i never hid that oart of me. I keep my paci in my bedside table as he never goes in there. And as for onsies he thinks its just for my modeling....
I too have unfortunately had to hide my little side from my family, and although that's the case and sometimes makes it hard I have figured out a number of ways around that. Fortunately I can drive so I'm able to get alot of stuff while I'm out, but as for the more... adult sized items I order them on Amazon and have them shipped to a trusted friend. As for where to hide them, I actually have a grandfather clock that I got when my grandmother passed away. It has a storage compartment in the bottom which can be locked with a key so I actually keep my little stuff there. That said, I'm assuming most people don't have a grandfather clock with a lock so I would suggest making a space to store it. Maybe make a false bottom for a drawer or maybe hanging a basket underneath your bed so it can"t be seen unless you know it's there. The number one thing to keep in mind when finding a hiding place is that most of the time adults don't look under things, and try to be creative find a place that you can reach, but you may not necessarily be able to see. I hope that helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask!
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