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I can sleep without a nightlight, but only if my stuffies are around me! I much prefer sleeping with a nightlight. It makes me feel safe and helps keep nightmares away. I have a nightlight that lights up my whole room! It keeps me safe and comfy at night.
I don't have a nightlight, but I have a clock that is lit up. I also usually always have my TV on at night that provides light and noise. Plus my room is never pitch black. I also always tend to have a light on in my room or the sun shining through.
PrettyKitty1219 wrote: 3 years ago Hi!
I hope I'm not the only one, but I really need some sort of light at night or I'm garenteed a nightmare.
I'm mostly hoping to hear from other littles that like or need a light & maybe some CG's that don't mind that sort of thing.

I don't need a nightlight, but I do get freaked out in the dark. So, I like to have one if I can. Plus it helps when the house is dark and I have to go potty and I can't see. xD
I need a night light to sleep too! The dark scares me a lot, so I have a little night light shaped like an owl. You are not alone ::3: :pinkh:
I SOOOOO JEALOUS OF YOU OWL NIGH' LIGH'!!!!!!!!!! wike supa dupa jealous. bu' anyway...

I dun sweep wif a nigh' ligh', tho i use to. I haf my owl stuffie to pwotec' me. :D :paci: :splode:
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