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Most definitely... I almost always sleep with my regular room light on. It has these cool settings so I can change its brightness and color, depending on how I'm feeling. uwu It's fun! It changes the entire room to, like, pink, or teal, or blue, or whatever I want... and it's funny, but I find deep red to be the most soothing, even though at first it seems like it'd be creepy to sleep in a red room.

When I don't have a light on, it's not that I'm scared of nightmares or baddies, but I worry about getting up and stepping on something. My glasses, my phone, my laptop... but especially my sweet kitty cat who likes to sleep near my feet! (I sleep on the floor.) And also, with nothing to look at while I try to sleep, my mind just races and races, and I can't help but stay awake, staring into the darkness.
I do... in fact my blinds never are fully drawn so any light outside will come in plus I have a small plug in nightlight that stays on all night and some time last year I got myself another one, one that project pretty little stars on my walls and ceiling. It could change colour too but I keep it static on the warm orange light. That one automatically turns off after some time but in 99,9% of the time I'm already asleep by then so it's fine. I'm afraid of the dark and easily get nightmares if it's too dark even with the nightlights I have them often enough. When I'm away sleeping over at a friends house or something I at least make sure that I have some light from the outside, I can't have my room pitch black, I get bad anxiety attacks then. On vacation I usually have a multi outlet power thingy with me to charge my phone and stuff which has a switch that glows orange and works as a nightlight as well.
I've had a night light forever. I keep one in every room so before I get to the light switch i dont have to be in the dark. I even have stuffed animals that have lights that dance on the ceiling and play music so its not super quite to. I'm scared of things under my bed.
My little side always needs a nightlight! I want to get one as soon as I start setting up my nursery! but yes. you are never alone on any little case. because we are all here. nightlights are very essential for littles who have nightmares, or need to see in the dark. I think that nightlights are very important for nurseries too. just to scare away any monsters in the night or whatever.
Yes,definitely i need some sort of light .o i dont sleep.i get nightmares and cant figure out my room at night without one.and there pretty cute since u can have a different character or shape.i have a heart in and a Winnie the pooh,and and a street light one when I need extra no nightmare light
I agree with you about getting a nightmare from not having any light. I have a night light plus some fairy lights to help me. But lately I've had to turn the fairly lights off cause of bad headaches. I hope you'll find answers and you can also pm me if needed if you want to be friends! Bye!
I used to sometimes just leave my lamp on all night but I think it disrupted my sleep. So one day I was helping someone shop at Ikea and had to splurge when I saw the nightlights they had. It's perfect because it doesn't need to be plugged in so I can just take it if I have to go to the bathroom instead of turning on the bright lights ^_^
I have 3 night lights around my apartment (studio) since I’m irrationally terrified of the dark (I imagine stuff in the dark that keep me up :c). I guess it’s also a little thing too! It’s just helpful and reassuring! It’s normal so don’t worry about it!
By PrincessCakes
I just moved from living in a gated community to a non gated community and living on my own for the first time , I literally have been sleeping with every light on in the house o.o. My light bill is going to be so high >_<. My friend suggest I hang lights in my bedroom from the ceiling :yay:
(Not sure if I qualify as a little or not, but)
I definitely use a nightlight! Sometimes, if I'm feeling like I need more than that, I keep my balcony light on. (Balcony connects to my room with a see through sliding door)

It's comforting!
I know I'm able to sleep sometimes without the lights, but I feel more safe with them on :nodyes:

I always feel like I'm wasting energy though haha :tears:
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