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I physically can't sleep without a nightlight. I have anxiety and a traumatic past so sleeping without a light makes me cry. I feel terrified that someone or something is gonna hurt me in the dark. I can only sleep if I have someone I trust with me (etc Daddy or Princess)
When the light in my room before is turned off its almost like pitch black but i didnt buy night light. Dark actually calms me and it doesnt concerns me about whats in the dark what concerns me most is when someone tried to broke down in my house especially when im alone..just sayin
I always sleep with a nightlight and in fact it doesnt have an off and on switch. It stays on all day and night because it doesnt have a standard light bulb. It is just enough light to light up my room but not make it too bright. I also love it because it is Marvel!
I am not afraid of the dark but it does make me uneasy and not relaxed it makes it kinda hard to like relax and go to bed XP I keep my TV on at night and it gives off a light glow. I also got a red lava lamp on my shelves that is next to my bed and it lets off a yellow/reddish glow in my room. I use those things as a nightlight every night and it helps me get all relaxed and get to sleep faster ^w^ :sleep:
Yea, it gets super scary and dark and quiet so I hear a lot of scary noises...even now my nightlight has no bulb and I can't sleep tonight...I like to think that my stuffiest would save me but they just can't do it, it's sad, I wish I had a robot who could save me from the scaries...
By ShyBabyCali
:hi: I do, I absolutely need need night lights, I'm petrified of the dark. I have two little elephants, they're so coot, they're pwetty tiny but when chu turn them on they're pretty bright and they change colors, so instead of just being like pink or blue the whole time, they are steadily changing colors. It's weally pwetty, I bought dem off an amazon for pretty cheap, the only complaint is I wish the brightness was just a little bit fuller because I get distracted by them and then never get to seepys :sleep: :stuffie: :pacy:
You are not the only one!! I most certainly need a night light! I am too scared to sleep without one! It's not that I'm scared of the dark but I get paranoid and afraid that something is in the dark. I even have glow in the dark stars on my ceiling that help light my room! ^.^
By SplsihySplashy99
I have always been terribly afraid of the dark so even growing up during my earlier teenage year where I thought it to be too cool to have a night light I would sleep with my television on with the sound turn down. Now even in the dorm room I share with a roommate I have nightlight that basically just keeps my side of the room a little light because of the huge tall back decks that divide the room block my roommate from seeing any of the light from the nightlight.
Yessss nightlights! One time I found a big gummy bear night light ugg it was so cute I miss iiiit. I just leave my bathroom light on and leave the door open a crack so the light shines just enough to look like a creepy outline of a door LOL so relaxing.
The only way I can fall asleep is if I'm wrapped tight in my blankets with my stuffie under my chin and my fishy nightlight! I don't think there's anything to be embarrassed about! It sucks sleeping over somewhere tho, I still always bring my panda though.
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