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Oooo i wuvvvvvvvvv absolutely wuvvv nicknames. I wuvv anyting new my daddy calls me but i mus say i wuvv wen daddy caws me qubie an he jus got dis new nickname of chrissy or crissy idk kno how to spell it but he came up wit dat wen he heard me call myself crystal an wen he realized dat dats wat my fam caws me. Anyways yea i wikey dows to an oh he dosent like bein called babygirl or fo guys babyboy. I wuv wen daddy says babygur or baaaaaby. Its so cute an i wuvv it

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Personally, when I'm in little space there are a lot of nicknames I like. Little one, baby boy, Ray-ray, cutie, angel, little prince, and lamb just to name a few. I think the ones that drag me into little space are sweetie, sweetheart, and honey. Most of the time, those are used by like waitresses and stuff because they tend to think I'm a lot younger than I actually am. I don't mind it too much, unless I'm with family lol :>.<: :heart:

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