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I like being called multiple names, but my favorites are princess, cupcake, mine and babygirl. Each of these names make me either feel cute or special in some way. And I love being owned so mine might actually be my favorite. But almost all of the names that are out there I like. Honestly I have a hard time trying to make up my mind.

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I really like to be called different things in little space. In particular I like Princess, Baby, Baby Girl and Vivi. (My full name is Violet). I also like Missy when getting a little twisty. *wink wink* haha I know some people only like one name but I am not very picky. Just not a nickname either of my parents actually calls me or else it feels weird. I wonder if anyone else ever feels that way? I always feel like its important to keep very clear distance between my biological father relationship and my DD relationship. i hope this was useful!

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