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I have been wanting to use a pacifier but I don't know how my girlfriend would react so I've been waiting to get one until I talk to her about it. I would love to use one though. I feel like it could really help with stress and everything and make sure that when I'm in my little space, I'm comfortable.

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I identify as age 2-5 depending on play and where I am in little space, but I still use a Paci.
I wouldn't worry about you little "age", just try what feel right for you. My very first adult Paci was actually
from a amazon, came in a pack of three and was super affordable. They didn't have the quality of a Nuk 6/7 Paci would,
but if you are unsure of if you will like it or not, you could try amazon just to get an inexpensive one ( and actually decent quality for price)
just to see if you like the feel of it. personally I love Paci from an online shop called scummy Sweets. A lovely little runs the shop and hand personalizing all of them herself. they're beautiful and top notch. ( though a bit expensive, but worth price)

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I use a normal baby paci c: I have a small mouth so an adult paci would be too big to fit in it ,-, I suggest getting pacis from Walmart. I'd say go to the dollar store but the plain pacis there have too small of a nub to suck on, even for someone who has a small mouth like me sadly :c I wish you the best of luck finding a paci however! :hi:

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Well, I tried it once, felt weird and tossed my adult one out. I slowly reconsidered it, thinking about how I missed it. I bought another, after talking to my Daddy, extensively. And now, I love it. It helps with snoring. And I feel so completely safe, cared for and loved when I have it for snuggling with Daddy.

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