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In my opinion I think giving yourself a "little age" is kind of silly. Everyone is different, and sometimes that means feeling more little one day. Then feeling maybe bigger the next day.

To kind of explain I'll use myself as an example. I totally identify as a baby boy. There are days when all I want to do is put a little appropriate movie and just lay around and snuggle my blankies and stuffy friend. I'm always diapered, when I get little time, and using them makes me feel very babyish. There are other days when I like to do more independent things like colour or draw! At the same time, I have to deal with being alone, so I do always have to do big boy stuff like feed or change myself, and get dressed. Even though I don't want to lolol
I mainly associate little age with what that age of child like. So, for example: If you like cribs or baby food, you'd probably be younger than someone who prefers to play with things like video games or a nerf gun. I think the best thing about CGL is the fact that you aren't necessarily confined to liking only one thing. You can change, you can try new things and if you don't like it, it's perfectly okay. That's the best part about this community.
I personally never really had a specific age whilst being in little space up until a few months ago. I enjoyed things like sippy cups, colouring, dino nuggets, and pretty much every toddler thing out there. So i just based it off the things I liked and how I acted when I was in that mood and it was around the ages of 2-4. It's different for everyone though~ :heart:
Hi! Well I've always been childlike so I use to always joke I was 10 years younger than I was so when I was 16 I'd say "I'm 6, but I'm turning 7 soon" I'm 19 now but I ended up sticking with saying "I'm 7" because after that felt too old in a weird way. When I discovered I was a little I originally thought my little age was 7 but I think it's actually a bit younger. I don't like diapers and I can communicate pretty well when I'm in little space so I'm above 2 but I really like coloring (I can color inside the lines) and Disney movies and I think my interests are closest to that of a 5 year old, so I think my little age is 5, but it was a process for me to learn that.
It's totally okay if you don't have a little age! And when learning what yours is it's okay to experiment and take time to figure it out, you can always have a range instead of a specific age too! Maybe if your Daddy asked you how old you feel every once and awhile when your in little space and you can throw out a number and see what feels right?
I would say it is based off behavior and interest but above all it's about what feels right to you!
Good luck by the way! Hope I could help a bit!
I spent time looking at child development charts and things like that. I also asked a few of my good friends with kids about different things in their development and behavior to see how it compared to mine when I'm in little space. Speech was a big indicator for me. I can be a smart 3 1/2 so kindergarten workbooks can be fun, but my speech patterns in little space put me right at the 3 - 4 year old mark.
well i just thought how real children how they behave. i dont act as a 3 year old or baby so i figured i'd be a little older. i dont like bottles im too old for those and im too big for diapers and you wont see me letting daddy put those on.. i still like stuffies and playing neopets im trying to get paintbrushes :lol: :lol: i like going to the park and running around also i like it when daddy teaches me things , so i feel like a 6 year old!
I've been wondering about this, too. I feel like I kind of initially felt like more of a middle, but for several months, I've felt more little: I have a special blanket that I can't sleep without (it's a weighted blanket though that helps my anxiety) plus I have another old one I really like, I love stuffies, old Disney movies (and I'm starting to like some new ones), I can't really sleep okay without a baby noise machine, sometimes I suck my thumb to calm down, etc. I have a lot of ageplay type of dreams where I'm wearing little kid shirts like I had as a kid (my favorite was a Lion King shirt) & kids underwear & I have a paci sometimes, and my dream-Daddy has me wear diapers sometimes too. (In real life, wearing diapers doesn't appeal to me.) I liked and kept doing some of that stuff for years when I was a kid, probably longer than kids tend to. So I dunno, based on how my real life was, I could even be 8 as a little. This is tough to figure out.
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