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Same here! Like when I'm big I hate being touched or somebody being dominate over me and telling me what to do, but in littlespace it is the BEST THING EVER! Or Barbie movies, little kid songs, or even coloring books drive me crazy when I am big, but when I'm little I love all of those things.
I have clinical anxiety, and when I'm big going out and doing anything around people is my least favorite thing to do. Talking and interacting with anyone is a chore. However, when I'm little, I want to tell everyone all about my Hogwarts house and my favorite dinosaur and all the things I know about flowers. I just sort of become a social butterfly out of nowhere!
I despise the color pink and dressing up in pretty dresses and skirts when i’m big, but as soon as i turn little, all i want is to wear a pretty pink dress. and i think princess movies are overrated when big, but they also bring me into little space which is ironic yet makes me happy as a little

I really dont like coloring or coloring books (my fiancee loves those adult coloring books but I just cant get into them), but I love coloring in little mode, including coloring apps on my iPod.

Aaaand that's ironic considering that I'm a digital artist. Go figure. 😅
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I would agree with Jesse and a couple others - when I'm big, I take charge, I'm a strong independent person. I don't like to follow rules as much as I usually make them. I run the world (in my world), but it's tiring. when I'm little, I want rules and my daddy to take control. I enjoy not having to be in control. I like being cuddled and babied and nurtured and taken care of. Also, I don't dress or speak little when I have to be big.
I don't like coloring books, specifically the adult coloring books, when I'm big. People say they're relaxing, but for me they always cause me stress making sure the page looks perfect, the colors are in the right places, etc. But when I'm feeling little, there's nothing I like more than pulling out a coloring book while I watch a movie or something.
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