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I'm glad I'm not the only one? I've always felt like it was weird, but I hate children's cartoons when I'm big. I tend to find them really annoying and boring. Ironically enough, I babysit a lot so I end up having to watch them when I'm big, but I usually go on my phone or do something else while the kids each them. But when I'm little I get 100% invested and super excited when cartoons come on! So I can totally relate.

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I hate wearing dresses and skirts when I'm big, but dressing up is the funnest thing in the world when I'm little! And putting my hair into braids or pigtails, too. And like Jessie said I hate being told what I should do when I'm big, but I need the rules when I'm little. Not having to think about what to do is one of my favorite parts of being little :)

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