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What really works for me is M83, Sleep Party People, Yes, Simple Minds, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Axius Link, the Minecraft soundtrack, Legend soundtrack, Agnes Obel, Florence and The Machine, SIA, Peter Paul and Mary, Faunts, Dire Straits, Enya or Clannad, Tangerine Dream, Tycho, chill-hop music/some wave/some witch house. There are specific songs from the 80's that work pretty well too.
I listen to a Lot of music and it's always been a huge deal to me.

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I listen to a lot of music from my personal childhood, which has consisted of 80s classic rock, pop, and heavy metal. I never liked lullabies as a child and even as an adult I still don't. In fact, I have this weird trigger with Brahm's Lullaby where it's always made me bawl uncontrollably! But listening to Metallica even when that young it helped me relax and even sleep.

Along with that stuff I got really into anime/manga, along with other Japanese and Asian cultures (I'm Filipino so it was inevitable). I don't listen to anime soundtracks much anymore, but it's what helped cultivate my tastes, so I now listen to a lot of Japanese City Pop. I'd mention some other favorites, but these sort of genres are what really make me feel small. Of course if I don't feel like listening to adult music I always like to listen to some kid's music. The Elmopalooza 1998 album is always fun to listen to (and I happened to own the DVD of that when I was bio-small too!)

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