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Hellooo! To answer your question, I sometimes use Pandora! I use the "Baby Lullaby" station most of the time. Sometimes the music can be covers of certain pop songs, which I'm not sure that I like. I also use an app called "Relax Melodies" which has two features on there ("Music Box" and "Brahm's Lullaby") that help me feel Little! I hope I helped! x
This is a teensy bit of a hard question for me to answer becuz I'm kinda in little space aboutttt....99% of the time, heh. But some of the music I love to listen to when I'm in little space, and kinda makes me feel even mooore little and giggly and happy and stuffs is Disney everythin, I love Disney songs. The Radio Disney playlist on Pandora is great, also the different playlists on Spotify. I also sometimes like Broadway Kids. And also Hannah Montanna, I looove the songs that the Hannah Montanna part of Miley Cyrus sang like I Got Nerve and all those songs. And Aly and Aj.
I will say that music has had an adverse effect on my behavior. While I don't usually listen to music, I can still remember songs, which can then stay with me for long periods of time. For example, last night, I was showing some of my Little friends on the website some episodes of My Little Pony, and then after I woke up this morning, I had the beginning song of one of them stuck in my head. Afterwards, as one part of my brain processed this, another part of my brain analyzed it, and it led me to more Little-like behaviors such as being overly polite to people and not willing to cause offense in extreme situations.
It's going to be different for every person, but as a general suggestion I would suggest listening to music from your favorite movie or tv show while in little space. I personally put on my How to Train your Dragon sound track. After listening to it long enough, I just can't help but go curl up with a blanket and put the the movie on, and then I find myself in little space for the day. ^^ Hopes that helps and if you have anymore questions please feel welcomed to ask.

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