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Caregiver/little relationships are not simple Give/take partnerships. Even though the relationship dynamic may be atypical, and we use labels that reflect one partner being "giving", there is definitely a balanced care exchange in successful partnerships, where both partners are expressing their care and appreciation for the other.
In short, what we're getting at here is that we know that littles are absolutely capable of showing care, affection, support, and even love to their Caregiver partner(s). We should encourage discussing a little's care capabilities much more as a community since some littles are afraid they aren't permitted to give back to their Caregiver due to the identifying labels.

What are some ways how you personally show your Caregiver that you care about them, that they are special and valuable to you, and that they are a priority in your life?

If you don't currently have a Caregiver or partner then what are some ways you can think of to do to show care and appreciation to a special someone?

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Don't have one right now but!! If I did i'd tell them I love them everyday. I'll make them pretty pictures, and find stuff they like to share with them, cuddle, and hug them. My stuffies would give them kisses too to let them know they's extra special and important. I'd try my very best to make them a treat or a meal and a drink they'd like while relaxin and watch one of their favorite shows or movies with them!!

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