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Munch Schedule Guidelines

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Munch Schedule Guidelines

Postby admin » 2 years ago

  • Please provide as much detail about your scheduled munch as possible. Include approximately how many folks you may expect, the location, the exact date and time, and any other details that may be relevant.
  • Do not re-post for the same munch into multiple threads. For example, if the munch occurs once every week then please only post once a week. If it occurs monthly then please only create one thread per month regarding it's schedule.
  • You may bump your thread only once per day (24 hour period).
  • Questions from munchers posting here must be answered here. Do not redirect them to your social media pages for an answer. Provide the answer or details in a brief reply in the same post thread or through PM (private messaging on the forum).
Failure to follow these rules will result in your post being removed from the site. If this occurs three (3) times then you will be banned from making posts in this topic.

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