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Personally, no, not always. But sometimes i can be demanding of it (in a dominant way) I might say to my little to say it, to show my dominance when she asks me to do something for her, and remind her of her place, she can just tell when i want to hear it.

But we have our own nicknames, depending on a mood they are definitely preferred.
Calling my daddy by his title of daddy is so super special and sacred to me & whether we are playing and deep into little space or we are at the grocery store on a normal Sunday afternoon he is daddy to me always. Because he is MY daddy. I forget sometimes that he even has any other names hehe.

In regard to needing attention- you should never feel badly about being needy if that is in fact how you feel. For me, that is impossible to shut off. What i need from my daddy is the same whether we are playing or not. And deep down you are probably a little at heart whether you are playing or not- so if needing extra attention is who you are then embrace that and don't deny yourself! That's my opinion, at least! xoxo :heart:
My Daddy wants me to call him Daddy all the time, even in public. I don’t care if anyone else doesn’t like it because it only matters to me that he likes it. So how it works is the happier and better you make your Daddy feel then he makes you feel happy too and good and then your just happy all the time. I’m not a caregiver so I’m just sharing how we do it and hope it helps:)) :heart:
I was just talking to a new caregiver last night about titles. My little and I are teaching her about the lifestyle which i believe has been a great experience for my little and I since we have only been in a ldr officially a little over a week. Anyway, this new cg is a friend of my little and so she's taken on the role as my Little's Nanny so she can learn and start to feel more comfortable with herself. I had asked her what title she wanted, nanny, babysitter or something else. She didn't care, but i explained that while i am a new cg myself i know how great it feels when my little calls me Daddy and how i get butterflies when i hear it. If she wanted a title then she should choose it and make it her's. If she does then she might get the same feeling and pride that i do when she hears it. Though i am not sure about it, but i don't see why she wouldn't.
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