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Hello everybody,
I have a problem, and I do not know if I annoy my daddy if I write to him often. I had my daddy, ever wondered if I annoy him when I write to him, but he denied it. Nevertheless, I am afraid. That's why I rarely write to him, although I actually "miss" him. So my question to you Daddys: How often should I write to him? I just do not want to be a burdock, I hope you understand how I mean mine.
Thanks in advance.


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Melissa there is not one set answer to your question. some Daddies are cool with you calling them every 10 minutes of every hour. Others think that 1 text a day or 1 at morning 1 at night is all they want.
you did good by talking to your Daddy about if you are texting him to much. you might want to consider asking him to sit down with you and give you an answer when he is not at work or in the middle of an important task. Communication, 2 way communication is important here. So try to be sure he knows you are serious.

best of luck.

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