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I know I should know best, but I don't know....
The last week's daddy isn't hory anymore.. And I'm a little bit scared if he doesn't likes me anymore. Or he doesn't likes my body.. And I don't know how to make him excited... He said it's not my fault, but I don't think so... I wanna make him happy.. But I think I can't...

So I'll ask chuu guys...
When you have a little how can she makes chuu excited? What do chuu like? And what can I do?

Greetings from Germany. 🍼🎀👯
I believe communication is the key to this situation. I don't think there's going to be a blanket answer that gives you absolute direction aside from that.

My answer though is likely very different than other answers you might receive, but maybe at the least it'll show you that there can be a large variety in possible things that makes somebody excited. I'm a Mommy so perceived as in a similar position as your Daddy. Bodies are just bodies to me for the most part so it isn't really a factor to me, but my hormones are definitely something that plays into the times I'm excited. I think sometimes stress is a major factor for most people so if he's under stress then that could be a reason why there has been a change.
Personally though in short I really like knowing that I've made my little very happy. If they are verbal then I like being told things like they feel very special and that they can feel that they are royalty. I also like it to lead into adult baby demands like them saying they want me to take care of them, want me to change their diapers, want me to give them my milk so that they can take what they want from me, want me to home cook and mash up their food for me to feed to them, want me to serve them. If the person is a nonverbal adult baby or in little space as you might say then on the right day if they are extra demanding with their grunts and fusses for things like extra diaper changes, feedings, or attention then that alone can excite me. There is more but I feel like this is a private adult topic. I guess my point is that I like the idea that I've inflated their ego and that they are self centered! I know it sounds a little silly but enough of that type of conversation will eventually also make me excited.
I feel sad reading your post. I'm sorry you're going through that. I know how bad it hurts to love someone, and it feel as if they don't feel the same. 😖

The advice I would give myself would be to step back and focus on myself. I realize I can only change myself and the way I feel. As long as I'm being the best "me" I can be, it's up to that person how they choose to feel about it.

If you are doing your best to be supportive, loving and kind then it's up to your partner to be excited about that. You can take pride in yourself as a person. It's not your fault. Give him some space, and as you step back he will most likely draw near to you. If he doesn't, it may be that he isn't your perfect match. That is a sad scenario, and although painful, it's better to find that out sooner than later.

A relationship with the right person should happen naturally. I believe in soul mates. It's an almost magical feeling when you meet that person. It'll feel like you've known them your whole if it were meant to be. If you believe and have faith, that person will seemingly "fall out of the sky." Oftentimes it's natural to want to "make" a relationship work, but in the illustrious words of Green Day, "You can't go forcing something if it's just not right."

Take heart little one. There is a man praying to meet someone just like you...I promise. 😊
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