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What do caregives think of littles with tattoos and piercings?? I myself am heavily pierced with some tattoos, for me it was a relief of many years of self harm and I am very happy with them, I feel more complete with every new piece I get. Are there other littles like me?? I don't have any friends active in this lifestyle and I feel very alone :what:
I'd say it's a matter for your caregiver, some people are okay with them and others may not be. My Little had five tatts. Two took some getting used to, they were from prior relationships. Her tatts were pretty prominent. And I was in love with her not her tatts.
It's self expression and art.
I guess the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder comes to mind.
Piercings are awesome and I have no issue other than safety during play time. I was worried about snagging one accidentally but also learned to use them for an advantage.
Just remember the most important thing,
You are beautiful just as you are. The right caregiver will understand that as well. They will love you for all that you are, not what you wear.
Depending on the caregivers however thwre are lots and lota of caregivers that love tattoos and piercings i myself am a tattooed and Pierced daddy and i i prefer tattoos and piercings on people in general so naturally i like littles with thw same style and look as me so dont worry i think it adds to any littles awesomeness and im aure it adds to yours too,
As a caregiver i does bot change my personal perspective if a little has tattoos or not. Honestly if it's something that helps make peace with that past I'm all for it! I'm actually looking to do a leg peace to do the same! I think that tattoos help Express the beauty on the inside outside! Therefore I'm all for them!
Honestly it depends on the caregiver. Personally I don't have a problem with it and view tattoos as a form of art and self expression. As long as they aren't covered from head to toe, tattoos and piercings are great. The right caregiver will always find you attractive just the way you are so just be you.
I think that tats and piercings don't make the person. Its the person themselves that make them. I have tats myself therefore I don't mind and even if a little has piercings, that's quite alright by me. But like mentioned before, there is a limit as to when enough is enough. But to each its own. Hope that helps some.
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