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I have a question for all caregivers on this site.

What if you know your little needs 24/7 care because of thier physical needs to be bathed, dressed, diapered, fed etc? How does that affect your relationship with the little if you know this not a sometimes stress release but instead something the little needs everyday to stay clean and healthy?
I personally feel that is the exact thing and caretakers looking for. Someone to take care of. Somebody who needs that type of love. Scenario you described sounds a little extreme in my experience, but it goes both ways. Reciprocation is key in any relationship. Wild a little has needs that must be filled, so does the daddy or caretaker. Tit for tat So to speak.
I want to be clear that I am referring to a little who is diapered 24/7 and unable to change themselves. Or the little needs bathed and fed to stay healthy. Basically I am describing me and the care I need because of a disability I was born with called cerebral palsy.I am not referring to someone who will be demanding, i am honestly thankful and caring and grateful for care and caring. I was almost placed in a yucky nursing home at 25 years old
My partner has only know about me being a little for a few weeks and we've been dating a year - already he looks after me, showers with me, buys me plushys , baby food /sweet treats ; he was just under the assumption that I was childish and me squealing at cute things was just a quirk / part of my personality... he just thought I was being cute. Now that I've told him I think all my behaviourstuff came together in his brain and just clicked into place- he accepts he is daddy part time but we are slowly easing into it ... we are keeping it completely from our sex lives as we both agreed we didn't want something so innocent aND cute " tainted' so to speak.
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