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By Deleted User 32002
So I have a ldr with my daddy and since I don't get physical contact from him, I like texting/calling/skyping with my daddy. I'm afraid I might be calling too much and I don't know if I annoy him. Also my little age is between 4-7, and the younger I am the more dependent I am on daddy and I get kind of clingy. I would love a caregivers opinion on what I should do about this situation. (It would be more helpful if the caregiver was in a ldr, but I'm open to any caregivers' opinions).
By MommaSamantha
I'm surprised no one has answered. I can only speak for myself, but most of my relationships have been long distance. I really adore that needy cling. But that's me. I think all caregivers do to an extent, though. My advice is to ask him. Tell him you're worried about bothering him and ask him what too much is. Always be honest, sweetheart, caregivers want our littles to be happy, but we're not mind readers.
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By BayAreaDD
It doesn't sound like too much to me since you are in a LDR. As a daddy we want to feel needed and depended on, at least personally I like when a little is dependent to an extent and clingy and always wants to skype or call or what have you. It really comes down to reading the situation. If he seems annoyed or purposefully isn't answering calls that kind of thing is what to look out for. Otherwise it is okay to just ask your daddy for his honest opinion if you're being too clingy. Open communication is super important and sometimes people do need a little space but that's why it's important to share our thoughts and feelings :)
I enjoy my littles clinginess. I had a long distance relationship with a little she had many of the same fears. It took several times of me reassuring her that she was not bothering me and open communication about what was going on. I also started letting her know I would be unavailable for extended periods of time and when to expect me back. We worked out and we're very happy.

I hope that answers your question.
I like a clingy little. But to each their own. I think that if it's a long distance relationship, then there can never be enough texting, calling or video chatting (whenever possible). If you were bothering your caregiver, they would let you know. So for now, don't worry about it.
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By Baphomet
I think if you were annoying your caregiver they'd tell you. If they haven't said anything it, then my guess would be that they don't mind it either. I'm sure a lot of care givers enjoy having a clingy little, as it assures them that you DO need them. Personally, I haven't cared for a very clingy little but I find the idea of one quite adorable.
I'll be honest. The clinginess isn't an issue. It's one of the biggest allure of the dynamic. But sometimes some littles aren't understanding. It's one thing to need someone 24/7 but sometimes they can't be there, be it life or sleeping. That needs to be alright, and some littles tend to make it into a problem. That can get annoying.
Short answer: yes, annoying Littles exist to Caregivers.
Long answer: when you actually get down to it, you are (or really should be) two consenting adults. And, as is possible with any two people in a relationship, it's possible your personalities don't mesh.
I used to have a little that was clingy. This didn't bother me. What bother me was that she was dependent on me. I'm the type of person who needs alone time. She was so clingy/dependent that she would ignore my needs in place of what she wanted. (Story added for perspective)
If you feel like there's an issue, talk about it. This is the basis for any good relationship.
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