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As a Master, my little's collar would symbolize my ownership over her. So, outside of the cosmetic aspects of the collar, it would have additional meaning in showing our bond as Dom and sub. I go through the collaring process with my little, starting with a consideration collar (due to my past ddlg relationships starting long distance, I just made her aware that this was the "stage" of the relationship we were in, since I couldn't give her a physical collar over distance.) After the consideration collar would be the training collar(this would be where we were in an official relationship and deepening her submission over time.) And lastly would be the Ownership collar, which is akin to marriage for me, so I've never gotten this far unfortunately haha. To me, ownership is a lifelong commitment, so I'd want to be sure we were both viewed the other person was the one we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. There's a bit more to each type of collar than the general descriptions I gave, but that sums up what they mean to me.
As a Daddy I can tell you I love the idea of collars. It should be viewed as something special being shared between the little and care giver. It signifies that you are theirs. Not necessarily only physically but emotionally. It's also not something that should be exchanged lightly, it's a sign of commitment to each other.
I've always liked girls who wore chokers - especially the fabric ones, and I would say for me a collar is an extension of it.

As a Daddy/Dom I would want my Little to wear a Choker/Collar when I'm around. I'd say Collar indoors and Choker outdoors.
By Deleted User 26715
I would very much enjoy it if my little wore a collar. It symbolizes the trust and fierce loyalty that both little and caregiver feel for one another and it also reinforces both of their roles in the relationship. It's a bond that is reflected with the collar.
As a little I really love the idea of wearing a subtle-looking collar or choker all the time. I don't have a daddy but I definitely think wearing one would help you feel closer to your caregiver. Seems like a lot of us think the same around here! :splode:
I am a Demi so my tastes are fluid depending on my littles needs (Yes a demi 'daddy' go figure - "daddy' because I am w/o a little presently)

In my base state, I do not like collars I have particular thought about them that are not at all pleasant.

The little I am closest accociated with presently (not mine) however loves cuffs and collars so I am making her a very sturdy set which I have to say is a great deal of fun and I would not mind trying them out... but again that is becuase I am associated with a little who wants them. Once I find her a proper Daddy that desire of mine will fade and I will go back to not likeing collars.

The joys of my deminess.
By Jessitart0795
Collars can be so cute, and useful in many different ways. They can mean different things and change the way you feel and act when wearing. Personally I have a cute collar and when I wear it I immediately go little and need my teddy. :heart: :heart: :heart:
By Brie
I think for me it would depend on what my little would like. If they needed something like a collar to feel closer or more comfortable to me and our relationship then its up to me to provide the comfort and reassurance. What the collar represents for me as a mummy is a strong commitment between my little and I.
For me a collar is a bond between us. And my past relationship it was something very special between us. When she was wearing it she was able to let go and let her little side out or the opposite, it would make things very intimate.
I've never mixed Little space with sensuality.
Little space is for my Caregiver nature.
The rest for my Dom side.
I would expect my Little to accept my collar.
I personally think a caller is the sexiest item a little can put on. To me it means more than a wedding ring. When I'm in a relationship with someone and they want to wear the collar it touches my soul. It tells the entire world that she belongs to me and I would gladly lay down my life for her without hesitation.
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