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Personally as a little, I love a collar. It tells everyone “I belong to my Mommy/Daddy”
One of the happiest days I can think of is when a Mommy or Daddy l Ockham one around my neck, I hope to experience it soon and then I’ll feel complete. A little should never be alone in this world. :pacy:
What I personally love about collars is that it represents something on a person that it doesnt on an animal: a choice. They've chosen to not just trust me and submit to me, but to wear that choice proudly. I do love it, but I'd never enforce it.
I think this comes down to personal taste. I don't think I'd like my little to wear a collar per-se, but a nice little choker is cute. Especially if it shows her personality or favorite color! I just don't care for studs or spikes. If your little is a pet, that might be a very different thing!
I can't speak for others, but personally I like my little wearing collars. A collar for her and bracelet for me. It shows she's protected and cared for, and I'm dedicated and willing to do anything for her.
I love seeing littles wear collars! It looks good, cute and can sometimes be quite sexy too. It also reinforces the submissive ''feel'' of the little in question.
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