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do caregivers like collars? I know personally as a little/pet, I love the idea of collars. It gives me a sense of connections and security to my dom/caregiver. They make me feel protected if when my caregiver/dom is not with me phycally because of long distance or they are at work. it makes me feel like im wanted and needed by my dom/caregiver
I have no idea if caregivers like collars. But as a little I like collars too. I like the feeling of a collar around my neck. Unfortunately all my collars are ones that I have bought myself so my collars don't hold a strong connection to my daddy. I think if my daddy did get me a collar I would connect it to him.
Daddy's like collars in the sense of they like to see their Little wearing them. I can only speak on my own personal opinion though. I think it's the sweetest thing to see her wear a collar, because it means, "he owns me." It also says to the rest of the world, "I would die for her."
I personally like collars, especially in long distance relationships, they are a great way of making you both feel closer together in my opinion. And they are just really cute, which is always a bonus. I also like the idea of earning a collar, that way they act as a reminder of your commitment to each other and make them feel more special.
I thibk some do. I think it all jus depends on the dom. My daddy got me a kitty collar and two necklaces that i think are like collars from him. I asked my daddy and he said they could be like collars for me. I wuvv dem. I where my necklaces all the time. I havent hot my kitty collar yet but ik i getting was part of my birthday present selection. I cant eait till i get it. But as for ur question i guess it all depends on the type of dom.
I may not be a caregiver but i still like the idea of collars.
If i had a collar givin to me by a caregiver then i would think of it both as a sign of ownership but also a sign of responsibility and love.
This may just be how i feel but I personally think that having a collar almost gives you a bond between little and caregiver.
I can't speak for all caregivers but I'm a Mommy and I personally don't like collars because to me they are not little like but more petplay. I do think petplay is different than littlespace. I don't think petplay is bad but I've never felt connected to being an owner or master. Though I'm a weird one and don't feel like I would say I'm a dominant either. I'm just a Mommy. So collars just aren't fulfilling to me.

In the past I have bought a collar for an ex who really wanted one and I would do it again if a partner of mine really wanted one and it made them happy. My partners happiness is a high priority of mine. I think even if a caregiver doesn't like collars they should be open to the needs of their partner and meet those needs as best as they can.
Everyone is different, and there is a collar for everyone -hehehe!- :shuff:

Personally, I like to have a day collar and a play collar. Working in a professional industry, my fluffy pink studded collars, and heavy duty leather o-ring collars would...-ahem ahem-stand colleagues and administrators.

When I'm at work, I like to wear a piece of jewelry that symbolizes my commitment, and blends into my attire. A lace choker, a long wrap-around necklace, a set of matching bracelets, etc...

Here are some links to vendors on etsy that provides some really tasteful pieces that are suitable to for the workplace, casual settings, and even formal events: ... d=13178867 ... eader-name

If this is too expensive, I have found day collars and cuffs at department stores such as Ross and TJMaxx in the past. It all depends on your imagination and perspective! :gigs:

Happy hunting! -Dolly
As a caregiver, I love to see my little wearing them. It's as if I'm there with them, even though we are long distance. I can't see a single downside for it, in my opinion, but not everyone shares my opinion. I too am curious what other caregivers think
As Caregiver I love to gift a nice collar. One that is elegant, cute and not super obvious for public. A "play" collar can be not so obvious.

When I was younger i use to wear a spike collar that I still have but yet to wear for years. I hope to one day gift it to a little that deserves it.
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