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They i recently been put on to this whole thing but makes so much sense to me cause I always been dominant and made majority decisions and control majority of my relationships...and always end up being a teacher and disciplines pretty much like a daddy so it makes sense just need a few tips from experienced caregivers what works in a lasting relationship in this community ... I'm out va haven't met a lot of ppl into this kinda thing so any tips or advice to someone just stepping into this looking
I've been a daddy for a couple littles, all of which have been online but the best advice from my experiences is that with being a daddy you need to take time to really get to know your little inside and out learn about who they are as a person their dreams and their concerns and then build rules or whatever method you like to use to help them reach those goal. Encouraging open communication is a huge thing that's helped me with any of my littles. Making sure that you're moving at their speed and within their comfort level. Consistency with rules and punishment is a key as well but make it a point to show love in enforcement of rules and not that your doing it out of spite. For me these things have helped me to form good relations with my littles.
The best advice I can give is, treat your little with respect. YES your little is a SUB, HOWEVER, your little is still human and still have wants needs and desires. Looking out for their health and being possessive is fine, however you can't mistreat them or let any of it get out of control. If she doesn't want a spanking as a punishment, then don't spank her. Work with your little, and always find common ground, and be willing to put the effort in to treat the little right and love the little properly. You respect your little and your little will respect you and stay loyal back. Patience, love, care, and calmness are the best things a DD can have, that and a stern foot to put down on occasion for when a little copes attitude hehe.
its not about being dominant over the little, thats why its coined the name care giver...Its a mutual relationship where the caregiver wants to be needed and the little wants to be cared for not at all dominated and controlled that will have the little running circles around u while u try and catch up Idk it just confuses me how everyone thinks its about domination the little because very few littles ive spoken to are want to be completely controlled and dominated i feel that its an entirely different thing to want to dominate and control someone
By justagingerguy
I'm still fairly new here, but I would absolutely agree with @Heisenbergdl . Just going through some of the threads here, it is obvious that littles wamt to be cared for and dominated like some other forms of bdsm. It's about nurturing and growing together.
By justagingerguy
Oh poop.... I made a big typo in my last response. I meant to say NOT dominated. For some reason I can't edit my last post. I'm such a derp sometimes. It probably doesn't help that I'm typing on my phone. I guess that's what the "preview post" button is for.
My best advice that I can give is to say that you might take time and really form a vivid picture of what you want in a little. Is submission important to you? Not all littles are submissive. Some are quite a hand full and anything but the picture of submission. What parts of being a daddy appeal to you? What parts don't appeal at all? How far are you willing to accept in a regression? Is it sexual, emotional, or both? It makes it so much easier on potential partners if you can explain your picture of what is ideal to them. It's a broad lifestyle that can look vastly different for everyone. Compatability makes all the difference just like in the vanilla world. Good luck! Hope that you find fulfillment within this colorful exciting world.
I am extremely new to all this and I just wanted to know if there where any other CG'S out there who where a tad confused when their partner told them they are a little because I freaked out a little bit when my partner told me and I just became confused and I made her feel rejected which wasn't my intention my question is was my reaction normal or did I just get myself upset for nothing still not 100% on this and it is a little uncomfortable for me but I want to do this fory partner as it sounds like this is something thatakes her happy.
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