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Let's talk about our personal self discovery within the community!

When did you start thinking that you might naturally be more of a parental sort of person, overall?
Was there something that solidified your speculation and you had a massive, "Ah-hah!" moment?
Did someone introduce you to it?
Did you find information online that fueled your discovery?
How old were you at the time?
Have you somehow have always known?
Has it taken you time to better understand and accept yourself?

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It started this year (I'm 23) with my girlfriend. We roleplay a lot, writing about fictional characters from movies and books. Mostly romance but we did some family AUs and I would take the role of a parent, she would be a child. And she started calling me Daddy, just for fun, then I started to read more about littlespace and all of that... I've always felt like I was kinda big sister to her, she's 3 years younger than me. I love calling her my Little, praising her for all things she does and so on, it comes so... naturally to me.

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