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Do you want to support our site and receive golden supporter status that comes with extra site features, like the ability to private message through our live chat, but can't afford the $5 USD minimum? Awesome, you're in luck! For the next 30 days we will be looking for members to help support our site in another way to get golden supporter status!
  • Details: For the next 30 days (April 01, 2016 through April 30, 2016) if you refer 5 or more people to join the site and they make at least 1 non-personal ad post you will receive golden site supporter status.
  • How to refer: Feel free to share our site, posts, or other information through your social media sites, to your friends, in chat rooms, or any other method you can think of when referring!
  • What the users you refer should do: When registering an account on Littlespace Online they will need to fill out the referral option (called Referred by:) with your username on Littlespace Online (so make sure you tell them who you are here)!

    After they register they will need to post on our site. We recommend encouraging them to post an introduction as soon as possible.
Our system will keep track of the referrals. When you reach 5 referrals that meet our requirements listed above then your account will automatically be granted the golden supporter status. That's all! Just let people know how awesome our site and spread the word for extra features. It can't get any easier than that!

Not able to refer 5 or more new people to the site? You can still donate a minimum of $5 USD to receive golden supporter status by supporting our community. Donations help to pay the server bill to keep the site up and running for everyone to freely use.

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