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Littlespace Online is looking for one very unique, motivated, passionate-about-the-community individual that is up to making crafting guides for our wonderful community. These craft guides should be done with a special caregiver/little twist that we will talk with you more about individually.


Must have capability of taking photos
Must have capability to create videos that, at least, include voiceover
Must have capability of explaining instructions in a easy-to-follow, step-by-step way
Must be up to creating 4-5 crafting instructions per month
Must be biologically 18 years or older
Must be capable of not exceeding our public PG-13 standards
Must have an open mind to our ideas

How to apply:

Please write to us at (no external contact methods allowed) to further discuss your ideas and our needs.

Here are some quick ideas of what we'd be looking for:
(these are just ideas and not mandatory to be fulfilled)

Popsicle stick jewelry boxes
Beaded necklaces and bracelets
Refrigerator magnets
Tulip painting designs on t-shirts and/or onesies
Adding stickers/pretty tape/drawing on a white diaper
DIY fun clothing alterations
DIY denim distressing
DIY home hairdying
DIY kid-style windchimes
DIY lava lamp
DIY various things!
Pacifier designs (making a plain pacifier pretty; changing or upgrading the nipple on a pacifier)
Rain sticks made out of paper tubes and home supplies
Pet rock painting
How to: Balloon animals
How to: Frakenstuffies combinations
How to: Tye Dye
How to: repaint a room
Slime creations
Soap making
Fun snacks (ants on a log; witch fingers, etc.)
Traditional holiday activities (making popcorn strings for a tree, making a turkey out of a hand trace, making eggs colorful, etc.)
Easy candymaking
Simple baking recipes
Birthday/Holiday card making
Pinterest ideas
Recycling/re-purposing/upcycling old items ideas
...anything you can come up with that feels fun!

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