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"What is this offer?"
Littlespace Online is trying to find new ways to get the word out that we exist! We could use your help if you run an existing:

  • A blog
  • A website
  • A YouTube channel
  • An active social media account
We are asking those that can participate to create a public review of our community that links to our Littlespace Online site. (Reviews can center around anything, including: the community as a whole, the chat room and features of the chat, the personals/dating areas, the coloring club, weekly free movie night, informational articles available, previous contests, or anything else you enjoy here!)

In exchange we are offering Golden Site Supporter status. Golden Site Supporter status is typically awarded to our members that have financially supported our community by donating $5.00 USD or greater, but we're opening that to reviews temporarily to help find our long-lost friends.

"What do I get?"
Features Site Supporters gain are (subject to grow!):

"How do I get it?"
Participation in this offer requires you to first contact admin directly about your review. You will need to have the admin approve your review before being granted Golden Site Supporter status. Failure to contact admin will result in no Golden Site Supporter status so make sure you e-mail prior to making your review! In short, follow this procedure:

  1. Contact admin to have them approve your review method.
    Wait for their response before reviewing!
  2. Create your review.
  3. Post your review publicly.
  4. Contact admin again to verify you have the review up for everyone to see.
    Within 24 hours you should receive Golden Site Supporter status!

"What if I can't participate?"
If you don't have a way to currently review the site then all members can still donate any amount they choose to through PayPal:

$5.00 USD or more gets you Golden Site Supporter status!
Remember to leave your username as a note when you donate!

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okay, is 1552 following on tumblr even a good amount? i dont even understand how i got that many i never used to check i started my blog as a means to get pics from one device to another and to show one friend, next thing i knew i had 1k and now that exact amount mentioned previously, i have made a few posts or reblogs i should say about littlespaceonline, i never thought of mentioning it on youtube but i will, and hopefully i can get some subs on youtube from my previous vids in order to do so and help the site grow, id also like to mention datecgl, and have on tumblr, tumblr has been a great tool for all of this in my case, and im sure it can help the site grow with the help of some more popular accounts.

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