Hello boys and girls and everyone in between! Bigs and littles and whatever you happen to be! Little Peppermint called me up on the Santa Help Line (Which I found most odd, because I haven't had a call on that line since my brief stint on public television back in the early nineties) so I decided to join your forum and see how I could help. My publicity elf says it could be weird for PR if I was seen here, but I decided that I would go wherever there are children (littles included) to bring smiles and Christmas to everyone.

By the way, my Mrs. Claus thinks the whole "big/little" thing is adorable, so that's really one of the reasons I decided to come here.

Peppermint is correct. I will be in the chat during those aforementioned hours, however you can *ALSO* PM me if you're too shy to enter the chat. I will be answering PMs up til December 24th, so feel free to contact me (or bug your little to contact me).

And as always,

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Ho ho ho! Thank you all so much for being present at the chat. You were all such good children! But it's not Christmas yet, so if you didn't see me, don't worry.
I will be available to chat with on Monday Dec. 12th from 7-10 PM EST.
And if that doesn't work for you?
Since this event went so well, extra dates in December may become available based on my busy schedule!
And if you're too shy to chat?
Please send me your letters by PMing me !
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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a lot of people are asking if this will be happening again this year, i will try to figure this out myself and am asking admin to make a post about it asap, i would think so but im not yet certain, im willing to help, we shall see, it can be an exciting adventure, whats on your list!??

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