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By Mia_Belle
So I don't know why, but I just felt the urge to puts this up here... maybe because I saw the word recipe and it mamade me think of food.. anyways, this is something that is cheap, easy to make, and really yummy... and they're called suitcases... I'm not sure where the name came from but... ANYWAYS, here it is.

You need hotdogs, potatoes (or instant mashed potatoes) and cheese, a sheet pan, and an oven. Maybe salt and pepper, if you want them.

Step one, make the mashed potatoes... I'm not sure how to make actual mashed potatoes, I just usually follow what's on the box...

Step two, cut the hotdogs in half. This is tricky, because I don't mean in half like a cut straight down, I mean in half like lengthwise... if that makes any sense? I hope it does because I'm no good at describing stuffs...

If this was a hotdog

/ ``````````` \

Then you'd have to cut it like this

` _____________
/ ______________\




The next step is to lay the hotdogs on the pan. You want the flat sides down. Two whole hotdogs (4 pieces) make up one suitcase. They have to be laying side by side.

I forgot what step I was on... but now, you take some of the mashed potatoes, and you put them on top of the cut up hotdogs. You can put a little or a lot... either way is good.

And then you put it in the oven, to cook it a little more. Like 5 minutes should be good I think... also, I don't know how hot the oven needs to be... I think we usually have it on like 350?

THEN you put cheese on it and you're done!

I don't know if anyone's going to try this or even read it... but I just wanted to put it up anyways...
Have you ever made little crabs and octupi from hot dogs....

If it were shaped like this

/ ``````````` \

You cut it into fourths... The two ends you leave the end part intact but slice part way up from the already cut end...

The middle fourths you cut on both sides.

Then boil. The skin of the hot dog shrinks making your favorite food fun.
We has these all time except we called them stuffed hot dogs. We always used instant mashed potatoes and cheese on in the middle. These were my favorite and I was just thinking I will have them for dinner tonight before i read this lol. It's simple and easy to cook and fun.
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