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Officer Positions

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Officer Positions

Postby Healory » 1 year ago

After we're done recruiting for the guild we will need a few additional officers to help keep things together and organized. If you're interested in becoming an officer please let us (current Officer and/or the GM) know so that we can keep you in mind when it comes time to make the initial selection.
Also, please keep in mind that we may start off with only adding one or two officers but may expand that as we see it working well. That being said, don't have hurt feelings if you're not chosen immediately. We still love you!

Candidates will be interviewed for the Officer position through whisper in WoW.

If you do not express interest in the Officer position then you definitely won't be put into the position.


Officers will have duties such as:
  • Inviting member alts and ranking them appropriately (example: inviting a member's alt and ranking it as a "member alt" right away)
  • Keeping guild chat active and drama-free (example: starting conversations)
  • Setting a guild note for New Member ranks (example: a New Member wants their guild note to say something in particular and you set it for them)
  • Helping with guild bank access (example: if a guild member needs an additional item from the bank that they can't access you would do so for them)
  • Reporting guild incidents to the GM (example: telling the GM about a serious guild chat argument)
  • Maintaining and reminding guild members of our guidelines (example: reminding folks to be tolerant of others in gchat, if needed, through whispers)
  • Keeping us completely troll-free (example: kicking an obvious troll who you've already whisper-warned)
  • Encouraging sign-ups for guild events (example: mentioning information in guild chat often about the upcoming guild event and the calendar sign-up for it)
Officers won't be required to do things like:


Donations and event activity (setting, planning, leading, and participation) are optional for all members of the guild. We greatly appreciate the folks who contribute to our guild in these ways and we say thank you for your time and generosity.

Please keep in mind that these types of contributions alone won't guarantee an Officer position to any member. If you're interested in becoming an Officer you absolutely must express it and proceed through the brief interview process.

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