The official forum for the World of Warcraft guild, Family, on Moonguard.
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I know a few littles and their Caregivers (particularly so Daddies, it seems) enjoy playing online games. World of Warcraft is extremely popular and this Warlords of Draenor expansion even included garrisons that are sort of like player homes. ANYWAY, my entire point of this is that it's a great little game and can help make a lot of little and Big friends.

My Daddy leads (owns? operates? maintains?) a guild called -- Family -- and is located on the realm named Moon Guard.

It was formerly called The Little Playhouse but it got some misconceptions about the name through the community trade chat and we felt it was best to change the name to avoid our members from being bothered. It's more discreet now in name.

The guild is relatively small and close knit. We have a big monthly guild event and other guild members set up various events through the month that are smaller. Guild events are scheduled at least 1 week in advance, last about 30 minutes to 1 hour long, and include pretty nice prizes like pets and mounts. We do offer guild repairs, a guild audio chat through RaidCall, and a that one BDSM community website forum that is kind of hidden away so we can discuss things more privately on a forum base.

If anyone plays WoW and wants to join please feel free to let me know and we'll get an invitation sent out to you.

that one BDSM community website link: https://that one BDSM community

OTHERWISE! If you just want to be friends with me (or Daddy -- he plays WoW and Hearthstone A LOT!!!) then let me know and we'll exchange battletags so we can chat while we play!

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