Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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[P] - Pay to download/play
[F] - Free to download/play (may be in-app purchase though)

Game Apps:

Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer - Explore a magical underwater world [P]
Adventures Of Poco Eco - Cute exploratory audio visual experience [P]
Ski Safari: Adventure Time - Adventure time meets ski safari [P]
Attack the Light - Steven Universe RPG [P]
Voice Changer - Have fun with voice changing [F]
Goodnight Mr Bear - Soothing animations and lullabies for bed time and story time [F]
Balloon Popping - Pop balloons [F]
Dr Panda Restaurant - Run an Asian restaurant [F]
Dr Pets - Play as a pet doctor [F]
Nighty night - Bedtime story [F]
Toca Kitchen - Cooking game for kids [F]
Toca Kitchen 2 - Cooking game for kids [F]
Card Wars - Adventure time Card Game [P]
Lightbot - Puzzles - Programing Puzzles [P]
Toca Nature - Craft and watch your forest Grow [P]
Toca Builders - Building and crafting [P]
Princess Libby Tea Party - Have a tea party with Libby [F]
Sarah's Cooking - Play as Sara and make tasty recipes [F]
Lego Friends Art Maker - Make art with lego friends [F]
Ever After High:Baby Dragons - Hatch and train your own baby dragon [F]
Rolling Animals - Get to the other side of the hill with rolling animals [F]
Catan - Board game, explore and merchant [P]
Sleepwalkers Journey - A cute puzzle game [P]
Sky Whale - Collect doughnuts by bouncing [F]
Carnival Story - A bubble shooter game [F]
Pixel and Parker - Bedtime story [F]
Poptropica - Explore different worlds and dress your avatar [F]
Where's my water - A puzzle game [P]
Minions Paradise - Build the ultimate minions paradise [F]
Toca Blocks - A cute world builder [P]
Frozen Freefall - A puzzle match game [F]
Strawberry Shortcake - Win cooking competitions & decorate your booth [F]
Cooking Mama - Help mama cook [F]
Goodnight my baby - An interactive sleep book [F]
Stir Fry Stunts - Serve up delicious dishes using ice bear [F]
My Very Hungry Caterpillar - Play with your very own hungry caterpillar [F]
Kids Doodle - A drawing app [F]
Free Coloring - Adult coloring pages [F]
Kids Coloring - Coloring princess pages [F]
Mandala Coloring - 100 Mandala coloring pages [F]
Hamster Life - Raise your hamster [F]
Pancake Tower - How many pancakes can you pile up [F]
Whale trail - Follow willow through the skies of rainbow land [P]
Pokemon Shuffle - A puzzle game [F]
Disney TsumTsum - Collect, connect, and drop tsums [F]
Alpaca World - Become the owner of a cute alpaca farm [F]
Avengers Academy - Play as your favorite avengers and become a hero [F]
Neko Atsume - Attract cats into your yard with food [F]
Kleptocats - Cute kitties stealing treasure [F]
Best Fiends: Puzzle adventure A match 3 puzzle game [F]
Bounded - Guide the ball through various obstacles [F]
Doodle Face - Create cartoon avatars [F]
Bread Kittens - Collect cute kittens [F]
Afrocat: Cute - Care for your very own cat [F]
The Balloons - Navigate your balloons through this endless floater [F]
Tony Farm: Season 3 - Care for your super cute tiny farm [F]
Kuro Jump - Please help Kuro jump [F]
Microtrip - A physics based arcade game [F]
Nyan Cat: Lost in space - In Lost In Space, you can do all the pure awesomeness [F]
Monsters ate my birthday cake - Monsters, cake, powers, puzzly bits, epic adventure, witty repartee and more! [P]
Monument Valley -Guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world [P]
Kami - Handcrafted puzzle game with origami [F]
Bee Leader - Help the bees fill their hives [F]
Threes - A tiny puzzle game that grows on you [P]
Little things forever - Unique and beautiful seek and find game [F]
The nightmare cooperative - Super difficult adorable puzzle adventure! Guide your team to gold and glory [P]
Moe can change: MyRoid for life - Raise your own cute MyRoid [F]
Disco Zoo - Tiny animals big fun [F]
Little Kingdom - Work and play in your own little underground kingdom! [F]
Moe Girl Cafe - Make the cutest Cafe ever [F]
Mimitos cat: Virtual Pet - The cat game you have been waiting to play[F]
Japanese food adventure: Tokyo - Craft and create interesting dishes [F]
Tiny Dice Dungeon - Epic RPG full of danger, wizards and loot! [F]
Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary - Grow caterpillars into butterflies! [F]

Multiplayer Games

Words with friends - Word game [F]
Scrabble - The infamous word game [F]
Muffin Knight - Cute platformer [P]
Bounden - Mobile dancing game for 2 [P]
What am I? - Guessing/acting game [F]
Bloop - tabletop finger frenzy - Race to tap the tiles [P]
Bam Fu - Fight to win your color [F]
King of Opera - Fight for your fame [F]
Ticket to ride - The famous board game with multiplayer cross-platform mode [P]
Duel Otters - The cutest head to head 2 player game [F]
Happy Jump - Help our friendly dessert reach new heights [F]
Candy Cave - Don your cloak, and wield your sword as you fight your way through the cavernous levels of Candy Cave! [F]
Line Cookie Run - A wicked witch is about to eat all the cookies [F]
Giant Turnip Game - Fun twist on the fairytale the giant turnip [F]
Word Monsters - Challenge your friends [F]
Star girl fashion - Create fashion shows around the world [F]
Faif (Big) - Faif is a puzzle/rpg game with a unique battle system based on gambling. [P]
Line play: your avatar world - Create Your Own Avatar & Meet New Friends [F]
Happy Street - Explore, Collect, Fish, Craft and Build an awesome village [F]
MonsterBusters: Match 3 - Match 3 puzzle game [F]
Egg Baby - Raise your cute egg [F]

Health & Wellbeing Apps

Plant Nanny - Encourages water consumption [F]
Walkr: fitness adventure - Encourages exercise [F]
Yoga Monkey - A great app for little yoga beginners [F]
Yoga Guru: Better sleep - Yoga to help you sleep better [F]
Yoga Guru: Depression - Focuses on yoga for littles with depression [F]
Down Dog - For intermediate yoga littles [F]
Calm: Meditation - A helpful meditation app [F]
What's up? - A great anxiety app [F]
Booster Buddy - A great app for mental health and it also has reminders for medication [F]
Breathe Think Do - A sesame Street app that teaches real world problem solving skills [F]
Breathing exercises - For littles and bigs who suffer from anxiety [F]

Rewards, Chores, Charts & Diaries

Kiddie App - Reward Chart [F]
iRewardChart - Reward chart & Chore Chart [F]
Our Home - Chore & Reward Chart [F]
Easykidtokens - Reward chart [F]
Chore Monster - Great for chores [F]

Beautify My Phone

Cute Cupcake Wallpaper [F]
Cuptakes - very cute wallpapers for iOS [F]

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There's an app I downloaded called Disney Story Central. It's a wide collection of Disney storybooks and it comes with 2 free books. Make a free account is 2 more books.

Some products, like Kid Cuisine might have codes for books. There's also sometimes holiday promotions for books, like a boom a day. But otherwise, you need money for token or a subscription to get new books of your choosing.

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My apps for when I am little are
> Coloring Luna (a story and coloring app wit beautiful music in the background)
> Picross Luna 1 and 2 (similar to the first one but instead of coloring its picross)
> Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (runner game)
> Glow Hockey
> 2 Player Games Free
> Color Peace
> Kawaii Coloring Book
> over 50 different avatar makers (i like making rp ocs that way)
> Kawaii Photo Editor: Deco Cute Stickers Filter
> Photo Glitter Light Effect
> PORTRA - Stunning art filter

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