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By kaylalowry19
:<3: Hey what's your favorite kind of coloring book?
Mine are:

Lisa Frank
Strawberry shortcake
Puppies & kittens

I also like Disney princess coloring books. I like coloring the princesses and the castles

What's everyone's favorite coloring book?

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By Mermaid
I love the adult coloring books! I'm not a baby so I can color big girl pictures. uvu

I have two right now, one called "Animal Kingdom" by Millie Marotta, and another with like... partially colored pictures. It's called "Colorful Jetoy" and it has these colored pictures of cute kitties where you have to color everything else on the picture yourself!

I really want a mermaid coloring book though! :<3: I love mermaids so it would be perfect for meeee! And a fish/sea life one would be cool too. If anyone can recommend one, I'm all ears! c: ♥

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