Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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I think it is a great idea, littles can meet other littles and also meet Caregivers. I like the idea of coloring at a small table with crayons or something and snuggling up in a blanket watching cartoons with other littles. Also nap time. There has to be a nap time.
I have to agree with all my little friends (even if I do play a Mommy on here.) having a place where all little's and Caregivers' alike to meet is a great Idea and wish it were a real place, also i would like the idea of such place having a place for little's to come during the Holidays, although also we have to think about:

1.) Will the Caregivers of said little providing their supplies (i.e Clothing, Diapers, etc) and if not the staff at said establishment will have to provide them.

2.) Will the Caregivers' be paying for any damaged or broken items, or will the littles'?

3.) Will they be paying BEFORE or AFTER Being there? And for how long do they plan on staying?

I really hate to break it to everyone here but sadly it involves Money.

I would love to take care of a little one for the first time. (this coming from a dragon on here guys)
I agree it would be a great idea but as someone said it takes money also to answer that person's question we as daddy's mommy's and caretakers would probably pay for all of it and might have to supply it till they get enough to do it there self also sorry i can remember your name ms Dragon lady
Christian, thank you for providing that bit of information to me, everyone calls me Cynder by the way, but as the issue is really money wise, we would also have to think about the place itself, for starters where would we put it?
i would love a little daycare!! :craze: i've dreamed about this forever. i know there is a school that is the same concept (i don't remember the name of it :>.<: it's like a private boarding school theme thing) so hopefully that means its possible?? but yeah. especially as a little without a caregiver right now it would so amazing to be able to just go to a little daycare and play with other littles and carers, i would be totally cool with paying for the time too.
By JoonieBear
I would love this, I agree background checks ect would be a lot of hoops to jump through but a non-judgemental place to play and meet with other littles would be amazing
OOOOOOOHHHHHH :nodyes: Yes pwease! i wanna ge to meet other littles wike me and pway togather and sweep togather and eat togather and pway togather and hab loooot of fun.
It would be nice but I donno if id even get to go. I do think theyd hab one where I live. :sadno:
But its stiw a good idea :splode:

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