Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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Which option makes you personally feel more fulfilled and/or happy as a little and/or while regressed?
I prefer sippy cups. I also use one of those water bottles with the straw inside to give me a hint of littleness when I have to be big. :splode:
I prefer sippy cups most of the time. But sometimes I switch to a bottle for bed time. Bottles are nice for when you're lying down.

If all else fails, a Gatorade bottle, or anything with a straw works. ::p: Honestly I'm terrible for spilling whatever I'm drinking all over myself, or the floor, so I really need one of these items, or I'll be wearing it lol.
For me I'd go with a plastic cup or a regular drinking glass (gotta have a bendy/crazy straw tho), mainly just cause I regress to that I-wanna-act-older-than-I-really-am stage. Though there are days when I wanna go with the sippy cup just cause.
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