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By FuzzyBird
Have any of you ever had a moment where your little side briefly takes over during your normal adult life? Cause i've had plenty!

Take this morning for example: I had to get up early (never a good thing) and go work at a soccer game.
There were a bunch of crane things with 4 legs & immediately my tired brain switched over and started freaking out over all the "dinosaurs!" walking around.
To be fair, looking at the pictures I took of them, they really do look like apatosauruses...
See? Dinosaurs!!!!
My coworkers, already completely used to my 'tired brain babble,' laughed and agreed. Little did they know that I really, really wanted to fingerprint after that...
This is just one of the many instances of my little side crossing over into my normal life.

Do you have a funny story too? You should share it below if you want!! πŸ˜„

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i had a moment like that it is actually super funny i went to the beach @ a lake a couple weeks ago to skip rocks on the water and bang full take over by little self so i ended up building cute sandcastles evvvvery where with a bunch of little sticks in them :<3:

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