Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
lets start an interactive story
ill start it and anyone who wants to play can add to it
for example

start: one day out in the forest i noticed a deer in the distance so i tried to get close to her....

second person: i snuck up behind a tree to get closer and as i did i noticed she had twin babies with her....

my start.........
While sitting on the shores in the sand of the local beach i looked out on the horizon and notised a ship in the distance the ship was bigger then most and it had dark sails and a flag with a skull and cross bones fluttering in the wind .....

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I entered my home and grabbed the small dagger that my father left hidden under the floorboards. I stopped for a moment, contemplating taking the gold as well. I shrugged, returning the gold and the floorboard, before turning and sprinting toward the center of the town, where everyone would be meeting.

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