Would you rather? This or that? What's your favorite? Let's have fun!
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By SomeCleverName
Me has fwee stuffies. Me has a little stuffie sock monkey my bio dad gave me for christmas, hims name is Arnold, den I hab a fox stuffie wif a gween scarf hims name is Nick cause I love Zootopia, and den me habs Yertle da Turtle, hims a bwave beenie baby turtle dat I got for bein a big girl during my last surgery. I ussa have a wolf named Rose Tyler cause I love Doctor Who but my ex boyfriend burnded her...
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By LittleGracie
My first stuffie is a purple dragon with big blue eyes his name is Heat and I have had him for 4 years now almost 5 he is my baby and I will fight someone if they try and take him. I won Heat at an fair in my hometown he was the only one like that I played the game about 10 times before I won him. :splode: :angel: :heart:
By PrincessToriii
My old daddy took away all my stuffies when we ended things..... :'c but my favorite stuffie was Geoffrey. He was a cute wittle giraffe that was the perfect pillow! My old daddy opened him up and gave him some extra stuffing so he'll be extra fluffy! I sure do kiss Geoffrey....
Well I has a Stitch(Lilo and Stitch) pillow pet that I use as a stuffie.. Haven't ever used him as a pillow... So I just call him Stitch. I loves him so so much tho because I gots him at disney world and I sleep with him every night, he makes me feel safe...
By EndxDreams
hello! :hi: :heart: my stuffies name is Token, he is a little bear with a red plaid shirt, hes got a cute lil nose and why you may ask his name to be Token? he holds (metaphorically) my tokens of life (aka, memories) and i cherish em forever :stuffie: :paci:
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By babyboyo
One of my favorite stuffies is a stuffed seaturtle I got from the museum of science in Boston. He's blue with a galaxy patterned shell and I named him Nebula!
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By AngelCakes
I have 3; two from when I was biologically younger (their names are Sleepy and Ted, no idea why hehe) and then another who came more recently, but when I have him, I dont feel bad about not splitting my attention, so he's my main one. His name is Channie, named after someone who I look up to and is a great source of comfort for me.
:pinkh: HEWOOOOO
Kind of new here but really pleased to meet youuuu all!
My favorite Stuffie is a little sheep/blankie. I have him since I’m 2 ( Biologically :angel: ) HiS
Name is Mouton (I speak Frenchieee)
and it’s lame but he’s the cutest hahaha
I also have my blue little unicorn M.Tetris
I have a huge collection of stuffed animals that are build-a-bears but my favorite one that I sleep with every night is my rainbow leopard named Leppy.
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By Leinah
My daddy got me this really cute blue narwhal stuffy with a pink horn! She is super soft and has a little heart on her tail ^-^ I named her Bijou :pinkh: I cuddle with her a lot and even when daddy has nap time with me he tells her good night too. ::3:
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