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I don’t have too many tactful nicknames for my period, other than “that time of the month” or just calling it cramps or Mother Nature. I’ve also said that it’s my reminder that I’m in good health. I do say that my uterus is angry, or I like to say that my uterus is in the process of snailpooping itself. To freak out some of my guy friends, I’ll tell them that one of my internal organs is shredding itself and bleeding internally. Then explain that it’s just my period.
I typcally say
"Big Girl Problems" for the week
"Icky" for the blood
"ouchies" for cramps

I have been having Big Girl Problems... :devil:
Theres ickies so I deserve icecream :sick:
OUCHIESS ***points to uterus*** :devil:

Or ill be really weird and say my uterus is decaying.... :sick:
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