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Well, let’s dive into the basic details...


Rattleground Rousers - a new World of Warcraft guild for those involved in any type of DDLG, ABDL, MDLB, CG/L or general ageplayer dynamic!


After noticing a distinct lack of guilds open to the relationship/lifestyles mentioned above, my Daddy and I have decided to start up our own unique guild aimed towards players who fall in that exact demographic. Our objective ideal is to establish a safe space for these players to enjoy and hang out with like minds.

From my own personal experience as a little who plays World of Warcraft, it has been quite hard fitting in with normal guilds or even other BDSM lifestyle guilds that aren’t really aware of the various distinctions that make us who we are. I’ve had to distance myself from my little space often when playing WoW, which has limited my enjoyment quite a bit.


My Daddy (GM) and I (Co-GM) founded the guild, but it will be made great by all of you! All members must be 18 and over. We’re open to those involved in BDSM relationships without any age play dynamic, but all must be comfortable with the different lifestyles present in the guild.

We have created 10 unique rank positions to fit the different molds of our lifestyles. These ranks are built around a fun theme, which you will discover when you join! As our guild grows, we will be looking to fill the spots for officers as well.


Lightninghoof (US) - RPPVP - for the Alliance.

Since the realm we’ve created the guild in isn’t so popular compared to others, we’re expecting that people who would be interested to join will probably have to start new toons. We hope that you won’t shy away from that, since you will not be alone in your experience… plus, a fresh start is always exciting. I’m starting anew on a gnome warlock character, and my Daddy is playing his level 91 DK. We have higher level characters to come and defend if problems arise.

Moon Guard seems to be the most popular for guild types like this, but we figure this RPPVP realm will be best suited for the different play styles we all have. Also, MG seems to be heavy on ERP, which can create a messy situation with the sensitive dynamic we all share. We don’t allow any ERP to happen in any grounds affiliated with our guild. That is strictly *your* discretion. All social guild events will always be non-sexual.

It is our pleasure to share this with you all, and would like anyone who is interested in such a guild to come try it out. Send a PM to me or my Daddy, or do the /who function in game to find our guild and to whisper one of us in-game if we are online.

Our Discord is in the “perfecting” process, but members can also join there in the meantime since most of the foundation is in place.

Thanks for your time and attention. ♡

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Still looking for people interested in joining the guild! :D

It'd be nice to have us do guild runs through the Valentine's day (Love is in the Air) quests going on right now!

Sharing the world event experience is always really fun, and a great opportunity to bond with people in the game without worrying about the competitive aspects of it all!

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[quote="starorbiter"][quote="etherbeast2014"]I wanna join, but I can't... ; n; [/quote]

Aww... I'm sorry there's an obstacle there. :( Would you be able to join us in the future maybe?
Do message me if you need ^_^ :angel:

[quote="Wynterpierox"]I'd love to play n join [/quote]

Yes! We'd love to have you ^_^ I've sent you a message to get you set up with the guild. :D[/quote]
If I am able to get a good computer and pay the monthly fee, I'd be able to play with you, in the future. [emoji20]

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If I am able to get a good computer and pay the monthly fee, I'd be able to play with you, in the future. [/quote]

I really hope you will be able to join us! We will be here when you can ^_^ :splode:[/quote]
Tankies, I don't really have anyone to talk to and share with in this regard.

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