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By divergent_vision1
I'm just wondering if anyone on here is a fellow metalhead??? My favourites to listen to in no particular order are:

- Metallica
- Within The Ruins
- Trivium
- All That Remains
- As I Lay Dying
- Unearth
- Slayer
- The Black Dahlia Murder
- Blind Witness

Among many others :)
Oh, I am! My tastes are kinda varied when it comes to genres, but I mostly like melodic death metal. Some of m favourite bands right now are:
  • Nekrogoblikon
  • Fleshgod Apocalypse
  • Dethklok
  • Kalmah
  • Wolfheart
  • Aetherian
  • PAIN
There are a few others too, like In Flames and Trivium, but I haven't listened to a whole lot of them so I can't say they're my favourite, just that I'm in love with certain songs of theirs.
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By LittleHarly657
I'm not seriously into heavy metal, but I do like post-hardcore bands like Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, and Black Veil Brides. I do however listen to some heavier bands like Of Mice & Men or Motionless in White. My music taste varies quite a bit.
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By DaddyDave37
Used to play in a metal band in high school. Though I mostly listen to other things now (flamenco, the heavy meatal of the acoustic world)I still go back to metal every now and then. Some of my favorites include:
Iron maiden
Children of bosom
Lamb of God
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