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By Junesra
I struggle sometimes with my size. I'm a large person, standing at 5'9". My Daddy is shorter. He's 5'6".

I've always been into shorter men. Even as a child I had crushes on boys who were shorter. Height is a attractive quality for me. The shorter, the better. I don't really understand why because I think of the traditional couple as being a slightly older and taller man with a slightly younger and shorter woman.

Anywayyy Daddy's a little smaller than me and is also very lean. He's slender but muscular. I'm not. I'm a little squishy and soft.

I've talked to him before and asked if my size bothers him, and he always tries to reassure me that he doesn't mind it a bit. I guess I keep thinking that I feel like my body doesn't match my mentality or emotions. Sometimes I feel like I'm physically too big to be a little.

If I look for clothes for ddlg then it's obvious that I'm not the typical size. Everything cute and pretty looks like it's made for a preteen or underdeveloped or undeveloped girl. I'm not petite sized!!

I don't want to feel this way any more. I don't want to feel uncomfortable in my skin.

There are things that I can't change. I could drop some weight. But some other physical stuff can't change. My height for example will always be the same, and it's something that I'm also insecure over.

Has anyone else struggled with this or am I the only one? It feels like I'm alone in being BIG but little. I want to accept myself. Little, big and everything. How do I do that when there are things I can't change about myself?
By Magnus
first off, just because it isnt easily found doesnt mean it doesnt exist. my gf is + sized and it's so hard to find something to fit her, but it's just an outfit. i wanted to buy her a princess dress for her birthday (as it's my nickname for her), but it's exceptionally difficult to find something for her... doesnt mean that i will stop though.

what i can suggest is going to thrift stores and seeing if there's clothing you can kinda tinker with and mix together for an outfit that fits you.
By littlesophia13
I know the feeling size wise, I'm short but plump and struggle to find things that fit me, but I try not to focus on my physical appearance when I play and more how I feel.
I know the feeling as I too am a little big for a little. I buy stuff online that I guess could be called bono or hit thrift stores and tinker with things adding lace and stuff to make me feel more like a little girl. Good luck :pacy:
Its okay to be tall I am a 5 10 little but I have always hated my height too because once a guy found out I was taller then them they would run and its not like I can really look for a daddy that wants me no matter how I am. You should be happy with you.

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