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By ThatMan
Let's make a rules list of things you feel are generally appropriate. It might help newcomers to the scene develop good, healthy rules. Write your rule, the punishment, and then why it's beneficial to your little to follow the rule. I'll start:

RULE: Brush your teeth when you wake up and right before you go to bed.

GENERAL PUNISHMENT: No sweets, treats, or dessert for 1 week.

REASON: Teaches the little to take care of his or her teeth and remember good oral hygiene!

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Depends on the little's work or school but I think this rule is somewhat helpful

Rule: Wake up a minimum of 30 minutes prior to your commute to work, school, appointments, or other obligations. (The 30 minutes may need to be 1 hours if the little needs to shower + eat breakfast + get dressed. It depends on if they need a wash in the morning, really.)

Punishment: Must go to bed 2 hours early for 1 week.

Caregiver Obligation: Re-evaluate sleeping habits and schedule for little. Perhaps set a better bedtime or alot for additional sleep (instead of saying bedtime is at 11PM then move it earlier to 10PM if they have issues getting up on time).

Reasons: It helps keep the little on a healthier schedule and not be inclined to be late for important things.

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By SirDaddy
Rule: Always say "please" and "may I" when asking Daddy/Mommy/Caregiver for anything. "Thank you" should follow whatever is given.

Punishment: Hand write 50 lines of what they should have said. ("Can I please have a cookie, Daddy?" x50)

Reason: Promotes good manners.

Rule: Never call another man/woman in the scene Caregiver terms like Daddy, Mommy, Master, Mistress, etc without explicit permission from your Caregiver.

Punishment: Wash your mouth out with soap.

Reason: To reinforce the dynamic, avoid hurting feelings, and to maintain a level of uniqueness to the relationship.

Rule: Never use bad words for any reason, ever. (Including, but not limited to: snailpoop, firetruck, darn, kitty cave, lollipop, and various of such.)

Punishment: Wash your mouth out with soap and handwrite 25 lines using corrected language.

Reason: To teach the little to use more appropriate wording and phrasing, to maintain a level of innocence, and to avoid being seen as verbally rude.

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