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By ddlgloverx
I've never been a girly girl but my job requires me to make appearances of that. I dress very feminine, wear nice make-up, and interact with a lot of other women each day that are looking to make their style beautiful and elegant. Lovely is what I am.

But when I regress with ageplay I like to be a boy. I don't want pink princess cups. I want blue. Boyish things. No dolls but, rather, things like soldiers or toy pistols. I don't know why I change gender though.

Is it ok?

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Honestly, the best piece of advice I can give here is to stop thinking or worrying about it.


There are no rules to this situation. If you want to, essentially, roleplay as a boy instead of a girl then that's well within your rights. If you're happy and aren't hurting anyone then I see no reason why this should be of concern.

Some people are just like that. Some littles don't want princess things. I know some mdlb boys who very much prefer princess items and pink, frilly outfits. It's all a matter of preference and what you feel best doing, being, etc.

Embrace it and love exactly who you are.

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