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By fairyprincess
This is a SERIOUS QUESTION. When are you too old to be a lg? I'm serious. I was thinking and I think it would be WEIRD to see a woman who is 50 acting so much younger like she's a little kid or even a middle. I'm young right now but I think about the future A LOT. When should you really just grow up or grow out of the ddlg thing? I don't want to embarrass myself and I don't know that it's something that anyone is ALWAYS for the rest of their lives. I mean, is there some unspoken age limit on littles? I'm not trying to offend. It's a serious question that I've been thinking about lately.

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By JuneStar
I understand the concern and I'll provide a serious answer. :shock:

There is no age limit. :o


Ageplay, Ddlg, Mdlb, Mdlg, ABDL, etc etc's all in your mind. If your mindspace loves littlespace then enjoy it. Enjoy it if you're 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, and so on. Just enjoy yourself. Enjoy being who you truly are on in the inside. It's ridiculous to worry about what other people think of how you feel. If you're happy being little then be little! :D

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