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By JuneStar
I just wanted to talk for a minute, I guess. I found that when I'm really stressed out at work that I have a tendency to be little more after my shift is over for the day. I've even developed a stress routine for being little. I setting down with a sippy cup of chocolate milk and a brownie. It never fails.

Luckily, my job isn't stressful in the typical sense. Unfortunately, I have some social anxiety and my job requires a lot of interaction with other people over the phone and through online chat programs. I work from home so I can sit in my comfy clothes and drink from a sippy cup my entire shift if I want to...but the job itself is bothersome. It's so incredibly boring that I just want to color or do something fun and relaxing. Unfortunately, I have to type a lot and don't really get the opportunity to do anything else with my hands like color or craft.

So, if you have a big job and you get stressed out then maybe make an after work routine for your little self. Some littlespace time can be really therapeutic.

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