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By JuneStar
I like to color. I think a lot of littles like to color too. Daddy has suggested I color sometimes when I've been upset and it has offered such a great distraction that I was relieved of a lot of anxiety.

The best program to color online with, I think, is probably Adobe Photoshop. It's expensive though and I wouldn't be making any return on my software investment then since I color just for the amusement for it and not professionally.

I know when I started searching around that a lot of people suggested I try out the GIMP program. It was suppose to be a free coloring program similar to Photoshop. I think I downloaded it a few years ago, felt overwhelmed, and erased it.

Right now I'm using FireAlpaca. It's also a free program; however, I'm very limited with my skill with it. I'm not sure if it's lacking for if it's me (it's probably me). I figured I'd ask other web-users who are likely to use programs for primarily personal coloring (ie: littles! heh) what they used.

What do you use to color pictures online?

I'll make a list of the programs here for convenience so that it's easier to follow:
By chubbybunny
I think a friend of mine uses something called Paint tool Sai. Something like that.

I don't really color online though. I don't know how you can do that without coloring over the lines. :?
By Magnus
I use a free program called pencil. It's really nice for being a free program, but you absolutely need an artpad to draw with it. It has a pressure sensitivity setting that wont work with a mouse. If you have a mouse, you might as well be using MSpaint lol
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